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HK Express x Hong Kong International Airport Tickets Giveaway

Thank you for your support, all tickets* for this campaign have been awarded!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  •  What is the travel period for the free tickets departing from Hong Kong?
    Travel period of the free tickets is from 22 January, 2024 to 11 July, 2024. Travellers need to complete the travel by 11 July, 2024.


  • Which flight routes can I select for the free tickets?
    You can choose the round-trip ticket origin from Hong Kong SAR to Tokyo (Haneda) / Osaka (Kansai) / Fukuoka / Nagoya / Takamatsu / Kagoshima / Okinawa / Seoul (Incheon) / Busan / Jeju / Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) / Phuket / Chiang Mai / Da Nang / Taipei / Taichung / Kaohsiung.


  • Who are the eligible participants?
    A. Eligible Participants (“Participants”) must be a person ordinarily residing in Chinese Mainland who (i) hold a valid travel document; (ii) have a valid email address; (iii) have a valid Chinese phone number; and (iv) have attained the age of 12 at the time of booking.

    B. Participants who have successfully won or booked tickets under the Tickets Giveaway Campaign organized by HK Express in/for the other regions are also not eligible to participate in this Tickets Giveaway Campaign.


  • Can I change the origin or destination of the free tickets?
    Changes to the origin or destination of the free tickets are not permitted.


  • Can I choose a different origin for the outbound flight and the destination of the inbound flight?
    No, for both inbound and outbound flights, the origin and destination must be the same.


  • Can I change the passenger’s name?
    When booking a ticket, travellers must provide their names as they appear on the valid travel document and ensure the provided name is accurate and aligned with their passport.


  • Can I change the date / time of my flights?
    Change to the date/ time of free tickets is subject to a rebooking fee of HKD580 per person per segment, and fare difference (including tax and surcharges) might apply. Rebooking shall be made via “Manage My Booking” on HK Express’ website.( 


  • Can I book tickets for my companion(s) during the Tickets Giveaway Campaign?
    The Tickets Giveaway Campaign is only applicable to individual adult (12 years old or above) ticket bookings. If you have travel companion(s), please book their tickets. As ticket and seat bookings are first-come, first-served, we cannot guarantee that the winner and their companions can book on the same flight or adjacent seats. If the only companion is a child (2-11 years old) or an infant (under two years old who does not occupy a seat), please get in touch with the Customer Connect team to book the child or infant ticket after receiving your booking confirmation email. Please ensure that the age of children or infants still qualifies on the travel date.


  • Can I sit with my companion(s)?
    Seat selection is optional. If you do not choose your seat in advance, one will be assigned to you upon check-in. If you would like to guarantee a specific seat, we encourage you to do so during booking, and the related fee will be charged according to the choice of seat option.


  • How can I confirm that my booking for a free ticket is successful?
    Once you receive a booking confirmation email at the address you provided, your booking is considered successful.


  • Are the free tickets transferable or exchangeable for cash?
    The free tickets are neither transferable nor exchangeable for cash.


  • Are taxes, surcharges and any other fees included in the free tickets?
    According to the Terms & Conditions, the passenger shall pay all taxes, surcharges, and any other fees applicable to the tickets.


  • Can I cancel my flight after receiving booking confirmation? Will I receive a refund?
    The free tickets won from the Campaign are non-refundable, non-reroutable, or non-transferable. If your departure flight originates from Hong Kong, the Hong Kong International Airport Departure Tax, Passenger Security Charge, and the Airport Construction Fee may be refunded upon request. Departure taxes will be refunded subject to local regulations. All applications are subject to approval, with a processing time of approximately six to eight weeks from the date of the request.


  • Can I purchase additional baggage allowance, inflight meals, U-First or seat selections after receiving the booking confirmation?
    If you wish to purchase or amend related additional services for your booking, please go to the Manage My Booking page, enter your PNR and passenger name, and complete the purchase by making the payment.


  • Can I rebook if I miss the flight stated on my booking?
    If you miss the flights booked through the Campaign, it will be considered as forfeiture of the winning tickets, and rebooking will not be permitted.


  • Why there are tickets available for purchase on your website but not available for booking in this campaign website?
    The campaign is based on a first-come, first-served mechanism. Tickets are on a bookable basis under the designated fare subclass: F Class from the Fun Fare category and are subject to embargo periods and seat availability. Tickets are limited and based on the system record. There are variations to the number of seats for the designated fare subclass that are allocated to a particular flight, and it could be fully booked although seats may still be available in other fare subclasses in the same cabin class of travel.
  • What is the purpose of organising the Tickets Giveaway Campaign ?
    To encourage the joy of travel, this campaign will give away free tickets with departure from Hong Kong to tourists who ordinarily residing in Chinese Mainland.


  • Who is the organiser of the campaign?
    Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is sponsoring the air tickets in this campaign for tourists who ordinarily residing in Chinese Mainland, while HK Express will be giving away the air tickets on a first-come-first-served basis.


  • What are the details of this Tickets Giveaway?
    The first-come-first-served Tickets Giveaway Campaign, hosted by HK Express will distribute 20,756 FUN Fare category air tickets (excluding taxes, surcharges, and other related fees) to residents who ordinarily residing in Chinese Mainland. Participants can fly from Hong Kong to 17 destinations in Asia.


  • What kind of information do I need to submit to participate in the Campaign?
    1) Full name as it appears on your passport (for the issuance of air tickets)
    2) Date of birth as it appears on your passport
    3) Contact email address and mobile number in Chinese Mainland


  • How do I participate in the Campaign?
    Participants should select the preferred destination and travel period using the search engine on this campaign site. After choosing flights, you should enter accurate personal information and select any desired ancillary products. Lastly, you need to confirm booking details and make the payment. Upon receiving the booking confirmation email, your booking is done.


  • Is there any age limited for participating in this Campaign?
    Participants must be at least 12 years old to join the Campaign.


  • How many free tickets can each participant win?
    Each participant is entitled to get one complimentary round-trip ticket during the entire Tickets Giveaway Campaign.


  • Can I choose the origin or destination of the air tickets?
    You can choose the destination of the air tickets. The destination of the outbound flight and the origin of the inbound flight must be the same.


  • Will my personal details provided for the campaign be kept secure? Will they be transferred for other purposes?
    All personal data collected by HK Express during booking will be used only for purposes related to the Tickets Giveaway Campaign and will comply with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of Hong Kong and any applicable data privacy laws. Certain personal data collected during registration may be disclosed or transferred to the HKIA for auditing purpose. For the company's privacy policy, please refer to:


Tickets will be given away via a first-come-first-served mechanism based on the system record. Limited availability, terms and conditions apply, please click here for details.